More About Me

Hello and welcome! First and foremost, I am the wife of Steve, the mother of 3 grown children, and Gigi to 4 grandchildren.

My husband and I met  in college and we were both immediately smitten! We had a surprising number of things in common including our faith in God and our upbringings on small farms.

It didn’t take long for us to realize we also shared a mutual adoration for historic homes, likely influenced by our shared upbringing in 1800s Pennsylvania farmhouses.

My life journey has meandered through various roles—stay-at-home mom, aerobics instructor, middle school English teacher, and eventually an elementary principal. Yet, amidst these diverse paths, the irresistible pull of renovation and DIY projects  have been a constant pursuit . Our current home marks our fifth renovation project and most  historic home so far.

My passion for home renovations, DIY projects, and everything related to interior design runs deep. Nature and nostalgia hold a special place in my heart, and wastefulness is something I simply can’t stand. Growing up on a dairy farm ingrained in me lifelong values, emphasizing a connection to nature and a prudent approach to resources. I thrive on repurposing, sourcing second-hand, and imparting new life into things that might otherwise be discarded. These convictions align seamlessly with a lifelong soft spot for old homes and a choice to see the charm in imperfections.

Steve and I with our Corgie, Ellie