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The Springhouse Renovation #8: A Flurry of Activity and An Announcement
The Springhouse is an absolute flurry of activity right now with roofers, electricians, and HVAC installers! Additionally, other general construction continues and plumbing is going...
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The Springhouse Renovation #7: Great Progress and A Reality Check
There are so many updates to report on The Springhouse renovation project! We are in a phase right now where all the work being done has huge visual impact. Each day something new is...
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The Springhouse Renovation #6: The House Is Taking Shape
The majority of the framing is complete and we can really start to see our vision for The Springhouse taking shape! The dormered second story of the old side of the house is still underway,...
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The Springhouse Renovation #5: New Construction Begins!
The construction of the new addition to The Springhouse is well underway. You may remember from the first Springhouse Blog post that the house was about 3200 square feet when we bought...
The Springhouse Renovation #4: Rebuilding begins, Plus a few floor plan changes
After so much demolition, it is finally time for restoration and rebuilding to begin. Before demolition, The Springhouse was about 3100 square feet with a compilation of additions that...
The Springhouse Renovation #3: Demolition Begins
After 3 years filled with doubts, distractions, and discouragement, work has finally begun on The Springhouse! How gratifying and reassuring it has been to see dumpsters being delivered...

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Nancy and I am so glad you are here! 

In this blog you will be joining me on the journey of renovating a historic home from conception to completion. I will share the process of undertaking an extensive home renovation, along with insights into the innumerable challenges and design decisions along the way.