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The Springhouse Renovation #9: Historic Restoration Continues
As the work continues on our historic renovation of The Springhouse, we move closer and closer to the original vision for this home. The Basement Stone Room Gets a New Life As you may remember, the...
The Springhouse Renovation #8: A Flurry of Activity and An Announcement
The Springhouse is an absolute flurry of activity right now with roofers, electricians, and HVAC installers! Additionally, other general construction continues and plumbing is going in. Vehicles,...
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The Springhouse Renovation #7: Great Progress and A Reality Check
There are so many updates to report on The Springhouse renovation project! We are in a phase right now where all the work being done has huge visual impact. Each day something new is added to bring the...
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The Springhouse Renovation #6: The House Is Taking Shape
The majority of the framing is complete and we can really start to see our vision for The Springhouse taking shape! The dormered second story of the old side of the house is still underway, but will be...
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  1. Great meeting you and Steve this afternoon at the farm house. I was there to see when Mark Ludt might be available for my projects since we just recently moved to Carlisle from West Chester. Your project looks to be coming along nicely and I can’t wait to see the finished project. Best wishes and great success to y’all.
    -Mark & Melanie Matthews

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